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Props And Ways Of
Presenting The Stories

For every story and every song we use a different type of prop
or way of presenting.

We have a lot handmade props creating a unique atmosphere, e.g. dolls on sticks, clock with seasons of the year or a magic cloud with crystal raindrops. We use also puppets, masks and animals on gloves.
Some stories we present in the form of a shadow theatre.

In our repertoire there are also stories that we tap, like for example the story about elephants.

W During the performance we are dressed in black. Then instead of the whole disguise, of for example an old woman, it is enough to put a flowery scarf on the head. The rest we act with words and gestures. Because of that, in a short time and relatively easy way we can incorporate a lot of characters.

Stage setting is enriched by the works of the artist Teresa Witkowska (www.moyo.pl), among others a big English egg Humpty Dumpty or cut out from paper decorations used in the shadow theatre.